Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Strokes - Angles

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01. Machu Picchu

02. Under Cover of Darkness

03. Two Kinds of Happiness

04. You’re So Right

05. Taken For A Fool

06. Games

07. Call Me Back

08. Gratisfaction 

09. Metabolism
10. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

p/s : sape2 yg lyn slow2 bole r lyn the strokes nie.. hehehe

Rise Against - Endgame

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  1. Architects
  2. Help Is On The Way
  3. Make It Stop (September’s Children)
  4. Disparity By Design
  5. Satellite
  6. Midnight Hands
  7. Survivor Guilt
  8. Broken Mirrors
  9. Wait For Me
  10. A Gentlemen’s Coup
  11. This Is Letting Go
  12. Endgame
p/s : sume ny mmg best.. masyuk r rise against. gud luck rise against!

NEW!! 2011

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setelah lame x tlis nie.. tbe2 nk update r plak blog nie.. skurang2 ny ad improvment sket.. slmat datang ke dunia blog 2011.. hahaha
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